The title company of the future

Read about our acquisition of North American Title and why we are so excited about the future

States Title / North American Title

Radically improved underwriting

— States Title delivers a final, curative-free commitment in less than a minute

States Title replaces the time and labor-intensive title search process with a predictive analytics algorithm that underwrites title insurance policies instantaneously, with curative-free coverage for nearly all title defects.

As a result, your transactions are processed faster, with less back-and-forth between the parties, their agents, and financial institutions. In the end, realtors, loan officers, and processors can spend more time on what really matters: sales efforts and marketing differentiators to seize volume from competitors.

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Three Ways Data Analytics Boosts Lender Margins

Download the white paper to learn how predictive analytics can create a seamless title and escrow process to increase your margins.

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35% increase in profit margin

Our lender-partners are realizing 35% increases in profit margin on loan origination. Our most important goal at States Title is to see you win market share, delight customers, and reinvest your savings in your people and business.

It has been wonderful to work with States Title. Our title work comes back in a minute and their service has been fantastic.

— Kari K, Loan Processor