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Leadership & Advisors

An experienced team of industry leaders, united in disrupting an age old market to improve the home buying experience.


Max Simkoff

Chief Executive Officer

Noaman Ahmad

Chief Financial Officer

Dia Demmon

Chief Customer Officer

Emilio Fernandez

President, NATIC & Underwriting

Judd D. Hoffman

Chief Transformation Officer & President, NATC

Jerry Jenkins

Chief People Officer

Andy Mahdavi

Chief Data Science Officer

Christopher Morrison

Chief Operating Officer

Hasan Rizvi

Chief Product Officer

Eric Watson

General Counsel

Kirk J. Wells

General Manager, States Title Central


Eric Feder

Managing General Partner, Lennar Ventures

Adrian Jones

Deputy CEO of P&C Partners, SCOR

Stuart Miller

Executive Chairman, Lennar Corporation

Charles Moldow

General Partner, Foundation Capital

Matthew E. Zames

President and Senior Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management


Sarah Friar

Adrienne Harris

Ben Lawsky

Emil Michael

Prakash Ramamurthy

Larry Summers

Shannon Warren